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 09 окт 2019, 16:21

Я только учусь
Я только учусь
09 окт 2019, 16:15
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If you say why, it really is because such behavior is really annoying.

Zach is not even a supporting role in the true biography, he is only a dragon set that appears in the recall lens and photos. The dragon set is polite, that is, the human flesh background. Although the story is due to him, this article has nothing to do with him.

It’s just that there are too many dramas in the core crisis. People think: “Claude is just a small supporting role, and Zachs is the real core.” Including Alice’s follow-up to Crowder will also make people feel Zach’s head. Green and oily. Apart from this reason, you may find it hard to get FFXIV Gil with Tizax.

In fact, Zachs has his own personality charm, which also supports his high popularity. Claude's transformation is mostly brought by Zachs. However, high popularity does not mean that it can be tampered with. The plot, the person who is the master of the earthquake, is ultimately disgusted.

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